Dear Discovery,

You made it clear that there was so much more that needed to be done. You allowed me to realize that there was so much more potential than what was being presented.

This was a month of evaluation, but it took a totally different turn than expected. What wasn’t expected was to take a break from blogging; the goals that were set were found to be a bit unrealistic because there was some necessary time from creating that needed to happen.

You helped me realize that what I was trying to attain was a level of perfection that I never intended to attain. Taking a moment to dial it back was just what I needed to re-evaluate and come back stronger.

Thank you, hopefully this will set me up to be even better in the months to come.


Dear Awesome,

You are closing out the first quarter of 2018, what do you plan on doing with your month?

What goals do you have set for yourself; are they the same ones you set for yourself at the beginning of the year, or have they evolved?  It is ok if they have changed, nothing in the world is constant.

Don’t beat yourself up if something has not been the same over these past couple of months.  Some things we set out to do did not pan out to be what you intended, but you are still doing GREAT things with the goals you have set in place.

You are in a good place because you have to remember that despite things not being exactly how you planned them to be, you still have not lost sight of your plans; the growth is really showing now.  A year ago, you would have given up on the year already and said “I’m done, this is not going to work for me,” but no, you haven’t done that yet.  That’s growth.

Progress Growth GIF by Insecure on HBO

Think about what your goals are and close out your first quarter strong.  Don’t let anything stop you now, you’ve come this far; why let small, petty things get in your way now?

Dear Radiant,

You seemed to have quite a glow about you this month! Was there something different about you?  New hair?  New clothes?  Nah, just an overall new me!

First off, you’ve been a lot more centered than usual; attribute that to your new meditation schedule that you’ve started (going on 60 days consecutively twice a day now; so pat yourself on the back for that lol).  You’re slowly getting back into your fitness routine, which may not be a daily thing, but it is slowly coming back around.  Practice always makes perfect, and one day you will get there.  There have just been some great things going on in your life, and it’s just made things become so much better for your; overall, you should be very proud of yourself 🙂 .

For the first time in a long time, there was actually nothing to complain about this month, which is very rare.  Looking back on these 28 days, there is nothing more that you could ask for.  You had your usual life and adulating stressors, and some not so good moments (but it wouldn’t be life if there weren’t any good moments, right?); but there have been so many good moment than there have been bad.  There have also been so many more moments where you have laughed more than you cried.  All in all, you couldn’t have asked for a better month to celebrate a great life.  Cheers to February 2018!

Dear Perseverance,

The first month of 2018 is over, and it was quite an interesting one.

First of all, congratulate yourself on what you accomplished this month; you read more, laughed more, meditated and connected with yourself more, prayed more, smiled more, and most importantly persevered more than ever before. Despite the things that brought you down, you fought your way through the emotional trials and made it to 1.31.18.

It’s not easy to tell yourself that you’re going to make it through something; it’s not easy to maintain a level of self-accountability and check your own self when things are going the way they need to, but you did. You owned your flaws, your negativity, you let yourself be vulnerable when it was needed, and you developed routines and habits that will remain constant in your life for the entire year. Even when the day seemed like it was beating you down, you did what it took to persevere through it all.

So next month, don’t quit while you’re ahead. Don’t sell yourself short. Don’t downplay the awesome things you overcome, because sometimes we all fall short but it’s about how we push through those tough times.

Dear Accountability,

It’s January 1 and it’s time to begin the list of goals for this month/year. You’ve done good planning for this moment, and now it’s finally here. So today, celebrate the fact that you’re already on the right track towards keeping yourself accountable.

One thing you shouldn’t do is be overly critical of yourself during this time; which can be quite easy to do when you’re working on maintaining some personal accountability. Things won’t always be perfect and go exactly as they are planned, so don’t beat yourself up about that. Instead, learn to bounce back, regroup and focus on not allowing setbacks to hold you back.

There’s so much in store for you in this month alone. Claiming success and positive change and speaking those things into existence is key in this new journey and self-motivated project. The key thing is that you have to remember, that while we’re all not perfect, we have to remember to force ourselves to remember that accountability and honesty are two of the key things needed in order to be successful at anything.

Dear Faith,

I bet when you think about all the things that happened this year, one word has to come to mind; Faith. Had it not been for Faith, you wouldn’t have accomplished half the things you did.

2017 was filled with so many different complex emotions and issues for me; youve felt some of my lowest moments, while also experiencing some high points. Through it all, the only thing that brought you confidently to the end, was faith.

There were some points this past year where you just couldn’t get past being depressed, suffering from anxiety and even being diagnosed with chronic migraines. This was the first year you ever had to take any types of medications or even see any types of specialists. It definitely affected you mentally and emotionally. There were times you wanted to be upset, frustrated, scream, kick, cry, etc; and you did. You did all those things and still do sometimes, but you also try to stay grounded in the faith that this is only a temporary circumstance in your life, it will pass, and your health will improve. Until then, you have done everything to keep yourself well, from meditation to prayer to positive affirmations.

Despite the moments you wanted to let everything go, and through all the moments you felt like quitting, you continued to have the trust in faith that you will succeed and you will achieve things beyond your wildest imagination.

One of your biggest accomplishments; your baby, Writing in Color Publishing. You NEVER thought in this lifetime you would publish books under your own publishing company name. As an extension to that, you’ve even worked on expanding to editing and hopefully publishing other authors under your company in the coming years. All it took was the belief in faith that you could make this happen and you’ve already begun planning the next phases and how you want them to come into fruition.

You also challenged yourseld to be more affirming in positivity, and in October, created 62 affirmations. That was HUGE. Who would’ve thought you could generate 2 affirmations a day for an entire month, but you did and it was one of the most reassuring and positive months you had all year.

Overall, the year was one filled with growth, re-evaluation and reassurance. Faith continued to keep you uplifted and believing in your power to turn things around for the good. Without it, you wouldn’t be where you are today, 12.31.17.