#WhitWritesHerNovel: Back Into the Swing of Things

So, with the debut of my newest novel about 2 months in at this point (order copies HERE), I feel like i have taken a decent enough break and am ready to jump back full force into writing up the sequel to Playing with Fire.

So far, I have written out the characters and their brief descriptions, just to keep me from veering too far off from the intentions and roles of each character.  Now, I have begun throwing every possible plot scenario into my notebook, and figuring out the rest later.  I would say that is my best way to write.  I just start typing or writing and don’t stop until the well runs dry.  It can be a gift and a curse at times.

Now, the problem I have is when I pull out my Beats, my notebook, my favorite G2 pen, pull up Tidal and right before my pen hits the paper, NOTHING.  I have lost all motivation and urge to write anything down.  I usually give myself about 10 minutes and twiddle my thumbs or tap my pen against my notebook, trying to find some inkling that there is a possibility that words will flow, but nah…nothing usually comes out.  So then, I pack it all up and try again the next day.

Once again, I am plagued with the struggle behind the motivation to write, and strictly getting things on the page!  As much as I love to write, so many of lifes forces continue to get in the way of me sitting down and actually having time to write.  I haven’t been on my writing routine that I started for my first novel, which included writing everyday for about an hour an a half.  I didn’t put a word count on it, because I didn’t want to force garbage out of my brain, but I made a conscious effort to put fingers to keys, or pen to paper at least once a day for no less than  90 minutes.  Now that I have had time to celebrate my accomplishments, I need to get back into the swing of things and start cranking out this second novel.  This week I told myself that I will try to get that routine started again, to keep the juices flowing and the ideas pouring out.  I have learned so much from the process, that I am determined that #PWFII will be bigger and better than the first!

Keep me uplifted while I journey through the writing process for a second time!!