#WhitWritesHerNovel: Back Into the Swing of Things

So, with the debut of my newest novel about 2 months in at this point (order copies HERE), I feel like i have taken a decent enough break and am ready to jump back full force into writing up the sequel to Playing with Fire.

So far, I have written out the characters and their brief descriptions, just to keep me from veering too far off from the intentions and roles of each character.  Now, I have begun throwing every possible plot scenario into my notebook, and figuring out the rest later.  I would say that is my best way to write.  I just start typing or writing and don’t stop until the well runs dry.  It can be a gift and a curse at times.

Now, the problem I have is when I pull out my Beats, my notebook, my favorite G2 pen, pull up Tidal and right before my pen hits the paper, NOTHING.  I have lost all motivation and urge to write anything down.  I usually give myself about 10 minutes and twiddle my thumbs or tap my pen against my notebook, trying to find some inkling that there is a possibility that words will flow, but nah…nothing usually comes out.  So then, I pack it all up and try again the next day.

Once again, I am plagued with the struggle behind the motivation to write, and strictly getting things on the page!  As much as I love to write, so many of lifes forces continue to get in the way of me sitting down and actually having time to write.  I haven’t been on my writing routine that I started for my first novel, which included writing everyday for about an hour an a half.  I didn’t put a word count on it, because I didn’t want to force garbage out of my brain, but I made a conscious effort to put fingers to keys, or pen to paper at least once a day for no less than  90 minutes.  Now that I have had time to celebrate my accomplishments, I need to get back into the swing of things and start cranking out this second novel.  This week I told myself that I will try to get that routine started again, to keep the juices flowing and the ideas pouring out.  I have learned so much from the process, that I am determined that #PWFII will be bigger and better than the first!

Keep me uplifted while I journey through the writing process for a second time!!


My Very First Book Review!! 

I’m proud to say my first book review has been posted and I must say, I’m flattered and deeply humbled by the experience! To have someone read and enjoy something I wrote is beyond my wildest dreams! I can’t contain the excitement 😀 !

Thank you so much Mandy for taking the time to read my book and providing your feedback! It’s greatly appreciated and I truly hope you enjoyed it!

If you would like to check out the review and interview I did with Mandy Peterson, click here!!

Enjoy!! 🙂


Please check out the page on my blog, titled Playing with Fire, to purchase a copy of my book.


Not many people get to say that they saw their dreams come true in their lifetime.  Today, 4/14/16, I can say that I saw my dream come true.  Anyone who knows me knows that I probably would have never seen this coming out of my life.

I am now known as a published author.

And I don’t care if I never sell but one copy, I don’t care if only my family supports me, I don’t care if everyone who reads it hates it….

I made it happen, and the joy I feel in my heart right now knowing that I had a dream and I worked hard to accomplish it,  makes this moment that much more amazing to me.

I may not become as famous and big as any of my favorite authors, or any other indie authors out there, but hey…I’m here.  And now I can tell people

“Yea, I published a novel.”

This is big for me, y’all.  And I appreciate all that support me near and far.  It’s truly appreciated.


Finish Line Approaching..Bear With Me.

I’m coming up on the final stretch of getting Playing with Fire out to the world.  There are just a few more things on my list, and I will be complete!

I have already set up an online store link for signed copies of my book to be purchased, I have invited people to like my author page on Facebook (which is here if you would want to like it and stay updated) and I am working on setting  up for publishing on Kindle as well.

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#WhitWritesHerNovel: And For Now, We Wait

I just got through putting the finishing touches on the interior and cover for my novel.  I am beyond EXCITED!! I submitted it for review so now I am going to patiently wait to receive a yay or nay on if it is approved.  Then I can order a proof and actually have my first unofficial   copy of my book in my hands.

Excuse me while I turn up! 🙂

#WhitWritesHerNovel:The Wait

So, I’m waiting on one more reader to finish editing before I go make corrections and do one more read. It’s getting so close and it’s crazy. I still can’t believe I wrote a novel!!

In the meantime, I need to figure out some illustrations for the cover, make my biography, synopsis of the book, and find a decent headshot for the back cover of the book (this will be the hardest lol).

I really want to do my own illustration of the cover, because I have an idea of how I want it to go; however, if I change my mind, I’ll need to find someone…ahh, the life of a writer lol. They won’t be some outrageous designs; but I may go for a sleek simple cover. Not trying to go all out for my first time lol.