American Crime Season 2

If you have not been watching American Crime this season, I highly recommend taking a day off and binge watching the series.  It is in many ways, horrifically awesome writing and acting by all players.  I am not sure what type of ratings the show is getting, but it really needs some recognition because it is truly jaw-dropping. 

I started watching American Crime when it first came out, and I’ve been a fan ever since.  I was afraid that the second season would not deliver like the first, but boy did it ever! I know the series is not over yet; however, so far it is pulling me all into my feels and it pulls me in deeper and deeper with every episode.

This season took on a very controversial issue in today’s society; everything from sexual assault, homosexuality and the “stigma” behind it,

The actors in the show, in my opinion, portrayed society perfectly in this season.  You have family members who are denying that boys “can’t be raped”, a family who has created a divide within itself, because of a unexpected confession, a family with deep-rooted mental health issues, resentment and regret; that ultimately led to a tragic and traumatic situation. 

Each episode captures the controversy behind racial tension, gender discrimination and taboo conversation around homosexuality and bullying. I highly recommend that people tune in to the show; and like I said before, if you need to, download Hulu and binge binge binge! 



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