#ConfessionsOfALocdGoddess: 2016 Hair Regimen

I am now approaching my 2 year loc anniversary and I am very happy with how my hair has grown and how I have grown in this journey!  I decided that in 2016, I will take a more serious role in creating a routine with my hair as far as moisturizing and growth.

One thing I have not been able to master completely, is keeping my locs moisturized.  That will be my first project because I would like to add more of a natural shine to my locs; sometimes I look at them and they look so dry.  So, I’ve been doing some reseach and came up with the following plan for my hair

Scalp Oil: JBCO+Jojoba+Tea Tree oil (Tues and Thurs)
Loc Moisturizing oil: Coconut oil+Water and Rosemary+Lavender (Mon, Wed, Fri)

I am going to do deep washes every month-month and a half when my hair is really dirty or smelly, and to get the product build up out.  Since I work out on a regular basis, I will possibly sporadically rinse my hair out so it doesn’t smell sweaty.  One thing I have started to do and will continue to do is condition my hair also.  It has really brought the life back to my hair and gives it a soft and rejuvenated look after a wash.

I will try this out starting at the beginning of the year and see how it works out.  I will also be looking to retouch my roots with color in the next couple of months (still debating but we will see lol).

And that’s about it!  I am going to try and take a more simple/low maintenance approach to my hair next year.  Maintaining locs can be tedious depending on your regimen, but based on my personality, I cannot have an overly complicated routine to keeping my hair on #Fleek (LOL).  I think this plan will benefit me pretty well, because it is mainly a water and oil regimen, which are two of the most important things in growing strong, healthy hair!

What are your hair goals for 2016??


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  1. sasmithh says:

    My hair goals for 2016 is to grow out the little bit of heat damage I’ve acquired:/ by utilizing protective styles.

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    1. Whitney C. says:

      That’s awesome! When I was loose natural I had heat damage from too much flat ironing when I had gotten a sew in (I had pieces out). It took a while but patience is key. Protective styles will definitely help you not think about it while it’s growing!

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  2. tunisiajolyn84 says:

    I feel you on the simple hair routine. The simpler, the better.

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