#ConfessionsOfALocdGoddess: Kids and Chemicals 

One day, my husband and I were talking about hair, and what my plans are with my daughter’s hair.  Since he was with me through my loose natural phase, and through my loc phase, he asked me how I would want our daughter’s hair to be.

He first asked me if I would loc her hair.  At this age (she is almost 2), I would say definitely not.  I told him that I wouldn’t discourage the idea, because I have locs.  I would never tell her she couldn’t do something to her hair that I have done to mine.  What I did tell him is that I would not loc her hair, until she was able to fully understand the concept and process, and to understand that this is a serious commitment and once it is done, it is quite difficult to turn back.  Once she can understand that and make a sound decision on her own, I can entertain the thought of her having locs.  Until then, a loose natural she will be. 🙂

This also brought on another question, about me perming her hair.  My answer was a resounding NO! Lol.

Ever since I let go of the creamy crack, I have seen my hair thrive in its most healthiest state. My hair grew better when I didn’t have a perm. At this age that she is now, I definitely wouldn’t want to give her a perm because she is entirely too young, but even when she gets older I am not too keen on it. Based on her texture I know she will have beautiful natural hair and if she wants it straight I will straighten it for her or have someone blow it out.  Once she’s old enough to understand and make the decision for her hair herself, I will talk to her about what she wants with her hair. I won’t force my beliefs on her nor try to coerce her into keeping her hair natural, but as long as I have the say so, she will be au naturale! Lol.  I want her to have the most healthy hair possible, and since I was natural for about 4 years, and am loc’d now, I take natural hair care very serious.  I have seen the damaging effects that perms can have on hair, and I would hate for my daughter to have to go through having damaged hair, and going through so much to try and restore it.

What is your opinion on toddlers/children having chemicals put in their hair?

Would you let your young child get a perm?