#WhitWritesHerNovel: Writing Spaces

What is your favorite place to get lost in your words?

Oftentimes, the right writing space usually helps me get into the flow of things.  Some people can write in their favorite café, while others prefer a quiet place like their home, library or a park.  My dream place would be creating my own writing studio, or room.  I would put up all my books and it would be something like a personal library.  I would have a really cool desk, a couch to lay on and read books and a huge idea board to write different things on.  It would be my little place of peace.

I believe that location has a lot to do with getting the creative juices flowing.  I think it is one thing every writer should have; that one place that they call theirs to get away to write.  Right now, I don’t really have my dream space, but I usually try to write when there is some down time in my schedule, which is usually at night after my daughter is asleep (lol).  I love music also, so I make sure I have my Spotify and Beats headphones (thank God for noise cancellation 😉 ).  Even thought I don’t have the perfect writing space now, I plan on having one when I buy my house.

What is your favorite place to write?