The Spring Clean

‘Tis the season for the infamous “Spring Cleaning”.  Whether it be your home, your phone, or  your Facebook; Something is getting a major detox this spring.  I am no stranger to this, and today was the day I did my ultimate clean up around the house.

My husband and I usually clean up every weekend; but today, my main goal and focus today was to go through me and my daughter’s clothes.  Both of us have quite a few, and it was high time to do a purge.

First we did our usual clean up, which didn’t really take long, due to us cleaning up little by little during the week.  After we got done with that, I got down in my daughter’s room first.  It was good to finally have a chance to go through all of her clothes to see what was too small, and what was too big.  Plus, it gave my husband and I a chance to make room for the new clothes she will be receiving on her birthday next week (because I know it’s coming).  After a couple hours sorting through her mountain of clothes, socks, shoes and accessories, we were completed.  I shut her door, and never looked back LOL.

Next up was my closet.  I had so much stuff in there and it needed to go and to be organized. Every year or so, I go through all my clothes and decide what I am going to give away and what I put away due to seasonal change. Usually if I have had it for a year, it’s gone; or if I just don’t like it, it’s gone. I have gotten to the point where I don’t try to hold on to something if I know there is no way I plan on wearing it in the next year.  This time was like every other time, except, I realized that I was losing a lot more clothes than I was keeping. I tried on a lot of my clothes and they were either too big, or too small, or built for winter weather. Each item of clothing went into its respectable bag or storage container. I even went through the shoes, which proved to be another brutal ordeal. Most of the shoes I had last year did not fit anymore. I think it is due to my pregnancy, because I’m convinced my feet never recovered.

Although I was excited to see some potential space for new clothes, I couldn’t help but be a little sad with the amount of clothes I really did have that I enjoyed wearing. I was also a little bummed for some of my favorite shoes and clothes from last summer, not make the cut this summer due to the weight change.  I try to look at my near empty closet as a good thing.  A lot of the old things I was still holding on to were things that I felt were time to grow up from.  One of those things were my basketball shorts.  All my life, anyone who knew me knew that my favorite thing to wear was basketball shorts.  I had quite a few pair still left in my closet, and I realized I don’t really wear them that often.  Today, I gave away all but 1 pair (because my husband recently bought them for me).   I really am not into them like that anymore.  I haven’t even bought a pair in a long time. Now that I have gotten older, I feel that I can find a way to be comfortable, but still look cute.  Plus, I noticed that sometimes basketball shorts made me look short and stocky (oddly), so instead of feeding that fire, I just put it out completely.

I also made a deal with myself to by 1 (or 2 if the price is right lol) new item of clothes each pay period to help enhance my closet.  I have some nice things in my closet, but by clearing out the clothes in my closet it allowed me to take a mini inventory on the things I don’t have and the things I want for my closet.

It felt pretty refreshing to see some of the old me go, to make room for the new me.  All in all,  the spring cleaning mission was a success.