Will Justice Be Served ?

Once again, news broke of a White police officer shooting an unarmed Black male because of “fear for his life”.  In this particular incident, Officer Michael Slager was arrested and charged with the murder of Walter Scott.  Based on video footage that was released, it was evident that Slager made a bad decision, and thus is being punished for that decision.

At this point, I’m sure everyone has either seen or heard about the video footage of Officer Michael Slager shooting and killing Walter Scott, as he was running away from him.  Reports state that he was shot a total of 8 times in the back.  If you have watched the video, you will see footage of Scott running away from Slager after an object drops, and Officer Slager pulls his gun and shoots him.  Officer Slager then walks over to him, and as he lie face down into the ground, proceeds to handcuff him, as if he was still a threat to him.  There is also a part of the video that shows Slager run over to where they were originally standing, pick up whatever was dropped, come back over and drop it near Scott’s body.  I have read that it could possibly be a stun gun, in an effort to state there was a struggle for it.

After watching the video, I am immediately disgusted and sick to my stomach, at the audacity of the officer to claim he was in fear for his life, when Scott was clearly running away from him with his back turned to the officer.  To hear about these things and read about them in the news is one thing; however, to actually see it happen in real time, makes it more upsetting.

One thing I am grateful for is the person who video taped this encounter.  Without this clear-cut evidence, who knows how this case could have went.  It makes you wonder if this man would have ever been charged for the murder.  I do hope that justice will be served for this gentleman and his family, but I also know that our justice system has failed us before.  I can only hope and pray for the best outcome.