Confessions of a Loc’d Goddess: My Story

20150408_075028 (2)

I want to dedicate a portion of my blog to my loc journey; the things I learn as I progress through this journey, answer questions I get about my hair or locs in general, and possibly share some of my favorite crowns that I envy on a daily basis, lol.

I want to begin by explaining my reason behind starting my journey. I had essentially done everything one could do with their hair. My hair had been relaxed for a long time before I went natural in 2010. I let my hair grow for 4 years before I decided to start my locs. I had received a lot of negative feedback when I asked my husband and family’s opinion about starting them, and it sort of turned me away. I was bummed out about it, but I figured that when the time was right, I would know.

One day, my mom (whom I frequented this conversation with often) told me that I shouldn’t let anyone steer me away from what I wanted to do with my hair including her. She was right. I was so tied up in what everyone else would think of me, that I just dismissed the entire notion; and in all actuality, my locs were supposed to symbolize me embracing the ability to be myself, whether people liked it or not. So I went home one night, 2-strand twisted my hair, and the journey began.

Fast forward to 13 months later, my hair is in the maturing stage and I love every bit of it! I can truly say that I love my hair and it is the best decision I have made with it. Locs are so carefree and versatile. I can wake up, shake my head around, run my fingers through them and I am done!

I am a loc’d goddess with a beautiful crown. My locs are who I am, and although I only just recently joined a wonderful community full of loc’d men and women, I feel like I have finally stepped into who I am. I am living now within my true self, and it feels amazing.


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