Breonna, We Will Still Say Your Name

Breonna, we have been speaking your name for 194 days. We have not stopped; and unfortunately, it’s clear that saying your name was not enough. Fighting and protesting in your memory for justice has not been enough.

Breonna Taylor has been dead for 194 days. The world watched and waited for decisions to be made in response to the officers who caused her death. There was no movement on a decision until recently. Days prior, news headlines warned of a “state of emergency;” and this is when I knew. I knew that something was coming and I would not like the answer. Whenever a state has to declare an emergency before an announcement, outrage is imminent.

Breonna’s case is not wanton endangerment

Today, an announcement was made by Attorney General Daniel Cameron that former police officer Brett Hankinson was indicted for wanton endangerment for his actions during the raid that cost Breonna Taylor her life. One officer was charged for firing bullets in a neighboring apartment; NOT for shooting at Breonna Taylor. That is the justice that should have been sought.

The world erupted in protest and advocated for the injustice and lack of accountability when Breonna’s death hit the media. What happened 194 days later would be an utter disappointment. It should be a shame for anyone to hold their head up with respect after representing a statement or charges such as these.

Is this being a Black Woman?

Malcom X is famous for one of the most prolific phrases in this world:

“The most disrespected person in America is the black woman. The most unprotected person in America is the black woman. The most neglected person in America is the black woman.”

– Malcom X, 1962

As if this year hasn’t been traumatic enough, this is just another knife to the back of black people and specifically black women. This is another way to show us that we are unappreciated, unprotected and even unloved. At the end of the day, this is just blatantly wrong and unfortunately sad.

Breonna deserved more than this. She deserved better than what Louisville, Kentucky has offered her. She deserved more than what America has offered her. In her memory, this is what will be remembered. For 194 days, the decision for justice sat in people’s laps, and nothing came of it.

The family has stated it “doesn’t make sense.” They are correct; it doesn’t. It never will. Facts are facts. What happened was a young Black woman died at the hands of police officers, and no one will be held accountable for it.

Breonna, I’m so sorry for this. All of this, you did not deserve. You deserve justice, and you still have not received it. The world continues to mourn and say your name; forever.