Cancel Culture Is NOT for Me

The wave of “cancel culture” seems to be the bandwagon of sorts that has created an ultimatum-type response; you’re either doing it or your not. And depending on what side of the fence you’re on, you will either be supported or criticized.

It seems as if it doesn’t take much these days before the whole world is ready to cancel someone or something. But let me tell you who doesn’t cancel every single thing or person that comes up: me.

The whole notion of “cancel culture” to me is a little excessive and unnecessary for one main reason; if you don’t like something, don’t look at it and if you don’t agree with someone, distance yourself from it.

Let’s be clear

Everything and everyone has something wrong with it these days. You can’t access something without there being a problematic piece to it. My personal belief about things that are problematic is this: if I come across something I don’t like, don’t agree with or find disrespectful or distasteful (and this is for any person, place or thing), I distance myself from it; point, blank, period. I’ve seen this happen more commonly with music artists, streaming services, and television networks.

Personally, If an artist makes a song I don’t like, I just don’t listen to that song. If one of my streaming services has a problem show/movie on it, I skip over that show/movie; and if a television network has a bad show on it, I just don’t watch that show. Do I decide to cancel that entire person or particular thing? No.

Now, that may make me a “problematic person” and if so, I’ll be that. But I think if we spend our time cancelling our every single thing that poses a problem in society, then we would have nothing. Truth be told, we’d need to cancel ourselves as well because even we are not perfect at all times 👀….

I say all this to say, stop criticizing people who don’t jump on every cancel bandwagon wave….it’s not worth the time and effort when I can just filter what I expose myself to. ✌🏾


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Vinn says:

    Spot on! Why do we stress on so much things that’s not disagreeable? It’s part of our existence, isnt it?


    1. Whit C. says:

      It really is! Stressing about things that don’t really matter too much to our daily lives lol!


  2. Vinn says:

    Spot on! Why do we stress so much on things that are disagreeable to us? It’s part of our existence, isn’t it? (Sorry, I have to redo the comment due to typos)


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