‘Twas the Night Before Virtual School…


So, tomorrow begins a new journey, and it’s almost as nerve wrecking as the first day I sent Kynnedy to daycare when she was six weeks old.

This school year is definitely not like others. The jitters are still there; but this time, there’s a level of anxiety and question about just how successful this year will be. Mostly everyone I know is going back to school virtually, Kynnedy included. She appears to be just as excited as if I was taking her to her school physically, but I can still see a little disappointment in her expression knowing she won’t be able actually physically interact with her friends at school.

There’s so many changes and adjustments that have to be made this year; and as a parent I can’t help but be fearful that I will be as supportive as I would need to be for this school year while also being a full time working parent as well. I can appreciate all the teachers and school personnel and how they’ve made these adjustments to their classroom environments so that children can continue to receive the best experience possible, despite the circumstances. I’m just hoping that I will be able to be as present as I need to be and as I can to ensure my child is also present, because a six- year old sitting in front of a computer for several hours a day can be challenging.

All in all, I hope everyone has a successful and productive school year and I hope that our children all can have a productive school year as well.

1st grade ready.

5 thoughts on “‘Twas the Night Before Virtual School…

  1. My small boy is going into year 1 next week. He’s not really excited to go back to school at school because he doesn’t want to be away from his brother. Large boy is super thrilled to see his friends again though. I’m not sure how I feel about them going back yet. I’m not counting on them staying in school, but we’ll just take each week as it comes.

    1. That’s the best way to think about it. So far we’re in week 2 of virtual learning and it’s going ok, aside from the technical difficulties. I’m hoping it’s more engaging once the live learning starts…right now the kids are doing pre-made lessons while everyone gets acclimated to virtual learning. Then everyone will be live. My daughter needs someone live to keep her attention for school, that has been made very clear in these last 2 weeks

  2. Since lockdown to the middle of July, we didn’t have any live learning but I think the boys did ok. I read something early on that said 4-5 year olds only need to focus for a total of 1 hour a day. That really took the pressure off. I fear that pre-recorded videos longer than 15 minutes would be fairly catastrophic though.

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