How to Help Your Kid Cope with Quarantine

Advertisements With my last few posts, it’s clear I don’t have to stress the overwhelming nature of this pandemic and quarantine is causing; however, there is one more population that is also dealing with the pandemic, and that is our beautiful babies. My daughter is 6, and despite her being so young, she is wellContinue reading “How to Help Your Kid Cope with Quarantine”

Parenting Moment: The Kid Takes on Pre-K!

Advertisements On 8/6/18 , I woke up, got Kynnedy ready, and dropped her off at her first day of Pre-K. She was full of life and confidence; I, internally, was a mess. I couldn’t help but stay in constant prayer all the way to the school that morning.  I had to make sure that ifContinue reading “Parenting Moment: The Kid Takes on Pre-K!”

PSA: Bullying Doesn’t Make you Cool.

Advertisements **this post was edited and reposted after conflicting information regarding Keaton’s actions and his family’s actions. I’ve recently discovered several posts regarding children taking their lives because of being bullied. With each article, blog post or update via social media, the sight of a story involving a young child committing suicide does not getContinue reading “PSA: Bullying Doesn’t Make you Cool.”