There’s Green Flags, Too.

Relationships are at most times not easy. We find ourselves ranting and raving and venting about the things that frustrate us most about our relationships more times than most. On the flip side, some of us cannot stop gushing about all the good things that we discover in our relationship and how we cannot get enough of it. Having relationships with people; whether romantic or platonic, are part of what makes us human. They are a part of our daily interaction and how we are involved with other people.

How many times do we find ourselves looking for the warning signs of a relationship; all the while, we are neglecting the good signs of the relationship? Do we ever think to take the time to highlight the good signs of a relationship; instead of always pointing out the red flags?

Just like relationships have red flags, there are also “green” flags as well! We should all do more to bring out those qualities instead of rushing to judgement on someone’s red flags.

Here are just a few “green” flags someone can point out in someone that deserve brownie points when seeking out a winner in a relationship:

Good Qualities to Praise in your Relationship:

  • Listening- a partner who listens is a good partner, indeed. When you’ve had a long day at work, had someone cut you off in traffic, or heard some juicy gossip, you need someone to listen to you talk your head off. If your partner is good at that, you’re golden!
  • Honesty- we all want a partner who is honest and who can be honest no matter the circumstances. This is a characteristic that you would want to highlight in a partner if they have shown you a deep level of honesty and trust.
  • Transparency- I can appreciate someone who is transparent with me. It lets me know that people are also human. When a person is intentionally trying to make themselves sound perfect, and not dive a little deeper to get to know someone, that’s a red flag. So why not praise those who are able to provide full transparency to you consistently?
  • Attention to Detail- I enjoy a partner who can pay attention to the small hints and details that I leave along the way. It shows that they are listening, paying attention and are very dedicated to making you happy overall.
  • Edge-we all love a partner who has a little edge. We all don’t want our partner to always be a good person, we like for them to have a few moments where they can act a little bad.
  • Communication – who doesn’t love good communication in a relationship?

While it is important to make mention of any red flags you come across (and possibly run for the nearest hills if they turn out to be a non-negotiable when it comes to furthering a relationship), I think when seeking out a partner, our “green flag” warning meters should also be on high alert as well.