Self-Care Sunday: The Purge

Hello everyone! I’m back with another Self-Care Sunday tip for you all!

This weeks self-care Sunday highlight is: purging!

Since I’ve been sitting at home a lot more often than usual, and it looks like I will be for a little longer (smh lol), I’ve been taking a harder look at a lot of things in my home and saying to myself, “you don’t really need that, do you?” Yea, I hope I’m not the only one, lol. Now that I’ve been spending more time at home, I’ve had a lot more idle time on my hands and one thing I’ve been doing with that time is purging some old things out of my life.

I haven’t necessarily been doing it all in one sitting, even though you could do that; but what I have noticed is every now and then when I’m looking in my closet for something to wear, or if I’m cleaning up and going through laundry and noticing things I haven’t worn in a long time (even pre-COVID), I’m getting rid of it. Clothes, shoes, my daughter’s toys, basically any and everything that I can admit to myself won’t be bothered with or missed if it was gone, I’m letting it go.

Purging is pretty good for the soul; and it can have an even deeper meaning than just getting rid of old clothes and shoes you don’t wear anymore. Sometimes holding on to a lot of things from our past is a way to symbolize not letting go, for whatever reason. At times, I can feel a very heavy feeling in my spirit, and I can’t quite place where it stems from. I noticed that if I take some time and start getting rid of old stuff that I’ve been holding on to for no apparent reason, I feel a lot lighter. It’s something about letting go of old things that you’re holding on to that even gives you a fresh restart! If I notice that my home is starting to feel a little cluttered or I’m feeling like I’ve got way too much stuff in my house, i start looking around at the different items I have. I ask myself two questions and if I don’t have a good answer for it, then that means it needs to go:

1. Have I used/worn/dealt with this item in the last year?

2. What is this items purpose in my daily life?

Purging is also good when you want to prepare to make room for something new and exciting in your life. When you’re embracing a new chapter or a new path of life, sometimes you don’t want to carry the weight of your past with you. In order to do that, you have to lgihten the load and let some things go in order to make space for new things to greet you.

To start out this week, I think I’m going to do a little purging of my own. I’m going to take a good look around my home and ask myself those two questions, and see how much I can release that is no longer serving a purpose in my life.

I hope you all can find an opportunity to do the same! 🖤🖤