#WhitWritesHerNovel: Draft #1 is Done

Six days overdue; however, I got my first draft edited on 1/6/2020. I must say, the sequel was not as bad as I imagined it would be. I can tell that I have improved in my writing, and am happy with the way the story flows thus far. I will start my first rewrite this weekend, with hopes to let that rest and complete a second edit somewhere towards the end of January.

At this point, I will be looking for beta readers towards the end of January-beginning of February-ish (LOL). I am hoping to have a at least one family/friend, and 2 others who may not be directly connected to me to be a beta reader for me. This will be my first time having beta readers, so I am hoping that adding this to my writing process will help with making me a better writer.

The feeling and accomplishment of completing my third novel is still a little surreal. I get the same feeling even 4 books in. It doesn’t feel real. I still cannot believe I am a writer; a published author at that. It is beyond a blessing and I am hoping that I never lose this exciting feeling for my writing process.

Happy writing to all those who are still working or in the editing phase themselves; we will get to the end of our journeys!!


3 comments on “#WhitWritesHerNovel: Draft #1 is Done”
  1. Congratulations!! That is a huge accomplishment! I hope to someday publish a novel as well. It is awesome to read success stories 🙂

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    1. Whitney C. says:

      Thank you so much!!

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  2. Lindsey says:

    Congratulations! I’m currently in the rewrite process but trying to make sure I’m spending time on it as I keep leaving it and wondering why my consistency isn’t working. I hope the next stages go well for you and congrats again on your third.

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