Self-Care Sunday: Let the Tears Flow

Sometimes our best self-care comes from emotional releases. Most times, emotional release comes from a specific issue or incident, but other times, release can be just because it needs to happen.  You may be having a mediocre day at work, going through issues at home, and even though those things may not tip you over the edge, that amount of frustrating space and negativity may cause you to want to shed a few tears just to release that negative energy.  I have personal experience from allowing myself the opportunity to cry as a method of self-care, as a means of emotionally releasing any negativity, tension, anxiety or anger that has been pent up inside me and it has been very beneficial in my self- care.

Sometimes, I do have to draw on experiences that have been a little emotionally jarring or possibly something that has happened that I told myself that I wouldn’t go back to in my life; however, the only way I know to sometimes to fully heal from those issues is to allow myself that opportunity of vulnerability, and then I can truly move on from it.

I am not saying that we all have to cry to let out our emotions; we can yell, grunt, throw things (in a safe environment), etc.  I have never been against physically releasing your emotions as long as it is in a controlled atmosphere and does not harm anyone.  Sometimes, emotional releases need to happen.  I have been known to most commonly release in the form of tears, and it has always been the most refreshing for me.  Having a moment to cry for a limitless amount of time has sometimes been one of the most therapeutic moments for me.  It feels like all of the negative energy and pain that you are experiencing is leaving your body in the form of the tears you cry.

For this week of self-care, I encourage anyone who is going through something in their lives, to find a way to release it.  If it is in the form of crying, do not be ashamed of crying.  Sometimes crying can be a reformation of a new self.  It can be the way to close an old chapter, and open a new one.  Allow yourself the ability to release the emotions that you do not want tied up within your body and enveloping your energy space, and you will find that even crying may not always equate to sadness, but sometimes mean release and rebirth.