When the Family Feuds

Arguments are tough; they’re even tougher when you’re dealing with someone you love. Sometimes families argue, and the wounds and pain of those arguments are difficult to recover from.

I’ll admit, my family has not been the most normal. We’ve got our own sets of issues and problems within the structure, and some of the bonds that were once unbreakable are broken and in no place of reconciliation. It’s sad to see; however, the reality is that it’s going to be what it’s going to be and there’s no way to change it.

I’ve had several issues with family members in my adult life; I’m happy to say some have been rectified, while others have been broken so long I’m afraid they may be beyond repair. I do think of them often, wondering why things could not be fixed, but I tend to think of family just as one would friends. Sometimes, you only experience people for the seasons that they are needed in your life. Does that stop you from loving them? No. I still love everyone in my family, despite our relationships not being what the expectation should be. I just know that at this time, they may not be meant to be in my life at this time; and that’s ok.

Alot of people have very complicated family dynamics; some more dysfunctional than others. Whenever there’s a rift between family, it’s almost like the deepest knife cutting into your soul. You have to ask yourself whether or not it’s worth fighting for, and sometimes the answer may be no.

I’m not promoting anyone not being close to their loved ones, because if there are ways to mend relationships then you should; however, there are times when some relationships may not be as great as you would like them to be. There’s no harm in putting forth the effort to try, but if it does not work out, then it’s best to love them, but understand that all relationships are not perfect and sometimes you have to play the hand you are dealt.