A Loss for Words…


If you haven’t been noticing the recent antics of our current “leader” (please be advised I use that term loosely), you must be either just choosing to disengage (which how could I blame you), choosing to see his behavior as acceptable or living under a rock.

I’m not making this post to be specifically political about a specific topic, or spark a debate about his Russian ties, his disrespect to other races, genders or anything of that nature; although I have an opinion about each. I just merely am ashamed. I recently posted about my thoughts around the injustices felt across the country when we encounter unjust shootings of innocent men and women at the hands of law enforcement. My exhaustion extends from that, to the current mentality and behavior of Trump.

Sometimes, it’s not even about his blatant White-supremacist behavior, or his degradation of women or other cultures or races; most times for me it’s just the lack of common sense, or the fact that I’m truly shocked at the lack of care he has for humans in general; because at the end of the day, we are all humans, no matter what the ethnicity or race. There are times I see tweets or comments about something he has said and it makes me ashamed to even acknowledge him as the President.

With the recent uproar about the NFL, Stephen Curry and the Warriors being disinvited to the White House and several other irrelevant items that occurred last week, I sat back and watched Twitter (mainly through comments because I refuse to follow him) and asked myself “why is he not dealing with more pressing business?!” It just utterly disgusted me that he could not pay more attention to things more closely related to his job duties and responsibilities as opposed to ranting about an NFL protest for 2-3 days.

I constantly wish that people will see that his days need to be numbered in the position he is in.  I am shocked at how many people condone his behavior, and it is a telling sign as to what people’s true mentality is for the world and the human race.  I try to stay as involved with what’s going on as much as possible, but I also try to keep as much distance from his rhetoric as possible, because I find it ignorant, rude, disrespectful and downright idiotic at times.

I didn’t want this post to be long, or some educational post with facts or numbers or anything; after last week’s shenanigans, I just wanted to put my thoughts out there about the things I have seen, heard and witnessed throughout the news and social media.  I’ve even seen some people regret their decisions for voting for him, but I wonder will that make a difference?  Will that evoke a change?  Have enough people seen the error in their ways to understand that this man does not need to hold office longer than four years?  I hope we can continue to get through this administration, and I hope this has made a vast impact on communities, minority and majority; because in my opinion, any and everyone seems to be effected in some way by #45’s time in office.


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