For the Women..

Before I call it a night, for International Women’s Day, I want to personally shoutout all the hard-working, dedicated, beautiful, talented, strong, resilient, positive, encouraging, magical women that I know and love dearly.

In honor of this day, I’m sure some of us either protested or was unable to protest (I for one had to go to work to get some things done and I couldn’t forego all my responsibilities today, lol); however, no matter what, I hope a fellow woman or a man told you how much you’re appreciated today.  I hope you woke up this morning with a newfound sense of pride for yourself and the things you accomplish.  I hope you realized that today is all about us; we matter, and we make a difference in this world no matter who does or does not agree or choose to admit that to themselves.

Being a woman is no easy feat, especially in 2017.  We have suffered, we have been beat down, abused, looked over, minimalized and everything in between; however, despite the trials we continue to rise to the occasions and smash the goals put in front of us. We never waver in the face of opposition. We are woman, hear us roar.

I’m proud to be a woman.  I’m proud to be a working mother, a wife, a sister, a friend, a creator, and a vital piece of society.  I applaud women everywhere and from all walks of life, because we all have a pretty unique story to tell.  We all have struggled, and we all have triumphed.  For that, we deserve some recognition.

To put it plain and simple, we lit.

– Whit C.