Self-Care Sunday Highlight: Positive Affirmations

This week’s highlight to promote self care is the use of positive affirmations and how to incorporate them in your daily life.

Image result for positive affirmationphoto cred: Google Images

I’ll admit that at I’ve never paid much attention to any typ of motivational words of affirmations before.  I noticed how Mary Jane (of Being Mary Jane) would have all these quotes on Post-It notes in her room and bathroom and thought, that could never be me.  Now, I don’t have post-it notes everywhere, but I have paid more attention to quotes and positive words lately.  This year, I have found that starting my day with a positive quote or powerful words  to start my  day on a positive  note helps with my mood for the entire day.  I have an app on my phone that notifies me of my new affirmation each day.  I even hav th option of recording it in my own voice (pretty cool in my opinion, lol).  Whenever I feel like things are going in the wrong direction, I try to focus on my affirmation of the day, and it seems to keep me as grounded as possible.  It’s definitely something I have kept in my daily routine to help improve my mood and outlook on the day.

For this week, try to start your day with a positive affirmation as it reflects to something that is causing you worry, stress, anxiety, etc. and see if it helps ease your mind and allow you to think with a positive mindset throughout the day! 🙂



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