What’s Your WORD?

I had heard about the MyIntent project about a couple months ago, and loved the idea behind the project and the bracelets.  I decided that I would get a bracelet, but my next task would be finding a word that I would want to put on it.

For weeks now, I had been constantly going back and forth to this site, trying to decide on what word I would put on my bracelet.   I was having the most difficult time, because I wanted something that wouldn’t just be a “for the moment” type of thing, but more of a lifelong commitment to live by.  Since this is a bracelet that is worn and not taken off until the rope slowly breaks, I wanted it to be a constant reminder and a positive reminder through life’s struggles.

I finally decided to go with one of my favorite Bible verses; Proverbs 31:10. It is a verse that I strive to live by everyday, and it reminds me that as a virtuous woman, I am royalty and my worth is far greater than any monetary or material value. It reminds me to hold myself to my highest standard, and to show my daughter what kind of woman she should strive to be!

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  1. I’ve looked into these and contemplated on getting one, but like you, I had a tough time thinking of that one word. But thinking about it now and I think I would get “vibrant” as a constant reminder to be vibrant everywhere that I go.

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    1. Whitney C. says:

      That’s a good word! 🙂

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