Did you Do Your Part? 

I’m not the most politically viewed person, and I’ll admit I don’t keep up with debates and all; but what I will say is I did go out and vote for Super Tuesday.  I researched the candidates, looked up their views on the issues and went with someone who is closely in line with my views. It only takes minutes to vote (literally!)

Super Tuesday has come and gone now, but it’s now time to push people young and old, black and white, to go vote in November. No matter what you say, your voice matters. The more people who walk around saying they won’t vote because “it won’t matter” is just another population of people who add up because they feel like their voice won’t be heard, and that’s not true.

Do your research, stand behind someone, and when it’s time to vote, go VOTE! 5 minutes of your life won’t kill you! Make a difference

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