Laughter for the Soul

So I follow an IG page that posts daily journaling prompts (@journalingsage) and today’s prompt says:

What made you laugh yesterday?

Well, yesterday, my mom, grandma and I went out shopping for a few last minute gifts for the family and friends we love so much.  I always love going out with my mom and grandma because they are full of laughs.  We always have a good time when we go out, plus we love the “last-minute” holiday hustle in the mall. The whole day was pretty adventurous, and anyone who knows me personally knows that a day out with my mom and grandma is guaranteed to generate some good, hearty laughs!

I can’t pin point one specific moment that made me laugh; but I think the best part was on the way home, trying to help my grandmother with her phone.  She has an iPhone, and is definitely not the most Apple-savvy person in the world (age has a part to play in that) lol.  Needless to say, teaching her about the cloud and storage and backing up her phone was useless, and I decided that one day next week, I will go to her house and make sure her phone is backed up, and try to see if I can free up some cloud storage space for her.  Between my grandmother’s lack of knowledge on the up and coming technology, to my mom trying to figure out how to work an Apple phone (she’s #TeamAndroid), it was quite a laughable experience and a great way to end a pretty fun trip out with them!

I must admit, that I had been having some pretty rough days at work.  I’ve been feeling like I’m being pulled in everyone’s direction but my own, and I haven’t had time to myself to laugh and have fun.  So having this day where I could just sit back and watch the exchanges between the two was just the medicine needed for a long and stressful week!