Silently Suffering…..

I haven’t read in full detail the situation that occurred in Charleston, SC.  I don’t believe I really will. Even at this very moment, as I speak about it, I get sick. I also get nervous, fearful, afraid, angry, upset, pissed off, numb.

I never thought I would have to live in fear, but everyday I do.  In 2015, all I have left is fear.  At first, we had to just protect our young Black men; hell, now, every Black person is a target.  There is not special type, no specific targets anymore, NO ONE IS SAFE!

I am literally sitting in my desk wondering if I even want to go to the store, because who is to say that a terrorist isn’t sitting in Wal-Mart right now, waiting to shoot it up?  Or someone is in the parking lot waiting to peg someone for just being black and looking “dangerous”. These days I feel like I could do so much as pull my phone out of my back pocket and get shot down like a dog.  It is extreme to think this way, but hell it would be irrational to not think that things like this are possible, because they are happening  almost every damn day!

I feel like I have so much I want to say, but yet cannot find the words to describe the pain and fear in my soul right now.  I just don’t know what it is going to take.  I know you can’t change people, I just….

I have no words.  I truly don’t feel like there is room for Black people in this world.

We aren’t ever going to be free, as long as there is racial injustice.  We are just slaves to that as well.