The Dreaded ‘About Me’ Page

Ok, so for day 6 on my Blogging 101 journey, I am supposed to amp up the About Me page on my blog. As exciting as that sounds, the About Me page is really one of my least favorite pages! πŸ™

I always read people’s About Me pages and I think, ‘man they are so awesome!’ And mine never seems to compare.  I think the hardest part is trying to tell people why I’m blogging.  I feel I never have a solid reason as to why, or it always sounds corny talking about who I am.

My most recent attempt at an About Me page is very simple, and very direct.  I managed to think long and hard about it and fit my personality into 9 words:

“Love to write. Love to live. Live to write”

I hope that this simple, yet powerful and descriptive statement will attract and interest people. Im going for the “less is more” philosophy on my About Me page so I hope it works out for me. If not, back to the drawing board! πŸ™‚