Confessions of a Loc’d Goddess: Eco Styler Gel Review

untitled (2)I recently did a quick retwist on my locs, because these edges were looking a hot mess.  I recently stopped using my Jamaican Mango and Lime gel, due to some reviews I have seen, so I wanted to try something different on my hair. While I was natural, my go to gel was Eco Styler Gel (the green one which I believe is Olive Oil).  I decided to try it on my locs to see how it would hold and do a quick review on it.

The one thing I was looking for was something to smooth out my edges.  I have very thick edges, which I attribute to me using JBCO on my hair and I have also combined my thinner locs in the front with others. So, my main issue is keeping those edges smooth.  I wanted to use something that will keep them at bay even in between washes/retwists.  I also wanted to find something that I knew was going to hold my hair in place and try to keep the frizziness down.  My locs are still in their maturing phase, but the frizz is starting to get to me just a little bit, lol.

Since I did my retwist, the hold is still pretty good.  I don’t try to retwist my hair too tight, because I don’t want any breakage at the roots, but for the way I retwist, it is pretty good.  It also kept the frizzy parts of my locs down a bit! I haven’t seen any flaking or anything like that, which I never had on my hair with this gel.

Overall, it worked pretty well on my hair and I see myself using it again in the future!

Remember, with any product review, your results may vary.  Every crown is different ladies and gents, so always do your research on a product and don’t be mad if I or anyone else has better results with a product than you do!