untitled (2)I recently did a quick retwist on my locs, because these edges were looking a hot mess.  I recently stopped using my Jamaican Mango and Lime gel, due to some reviews I have seen, so I wanted to try something different on my hair. While I was natural, my go to gel was Eco Styler Gel (the green one which I believe is Olive Oil).  I decided to try it on my locs to see how it would hold and do a quick review on it.

Note: The oil in the bottle is not “Island Oil”. It is actually a mixture of oils I made myself.

Since having locs, I haven’t really gotten into very many products.  I would say that I still stick to the ways of when my hair was natural: I try to keep it moisturized, clean and healthy.

Now that I am about 13 months into my journey, I have developed a few staples in my regimen that I have found useful and can give my personal review on each one.  I will begin this by saying that everyone’s hair is different.  What works for my locs may not work for yours, but if you would like to try them out, feel free!