My First Time Away….

So, I am going on a vacation with my family, and I am letting my daughter stay with my godmother and god sister (she is certified to babysit and she is super excited!).  I am excited for the trip, but I am still a little nervous.  I’ve been on random road trips before with my husband, but this is the first one where we will be gone for more than 2 days.  After this afternoon, I won’t see my little munchkin until Monday night or Tuesday morning! :-O. So, of course, like any nervous wreck, I took to Google to figure out how to prepare my family for how to deal with my daughter.  My daycare provider, godmother and grandmother will all take turns hanging out with her this weekend.  Granted, I am not worried about who is watching her, because these women have had children and grandchildren and interact with my daughter on a regular basis; plus, they know a thing or two about babies.  And my daughter is pretty easy going for the most part, but I wanted to make sure that they knew EVERYTHING about her, so that they wouldn’t be worried if she does something weird lol.  So I made a fact sheet.  I will say my mom and my god mom thought I was crazy (lol!) but they understood why I did it.  It’s the “first time mommy leaving her daughter” thing. Either way, I told my god mom that I probably won’t bother her as much as she thinks, because I trust her and know that my daughter will be fine.  To say I was extra prepared was an understatement.

I am more nervous for my daughter, because I know it will be a little weird for her not being at home all weekend with mommy and daddy, but I took her to my godmother’s house and she played around for a while.  She loved it!  I think it was because of all the floor space she can move around in lol. It definitely eased my mind a bit! I didn’t want her all cranky and moody the whole weekend due to being in a strange place. I hope she has fun this weekend, and I hope I’m not worrying myself to death about how my daughter is doing.  I have to remember that she is a baby, and she won’t be a perfect angel all the time LOL.

I’ll be back for an update on how my trip, and my daughter’s weekend went!


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