A Little Gratitude Goes a Long Way

It’s something about the change of season. The weather is a little cooler, the leaves begin to turn and the decorations begin to make their way to your neighborhood homes. The holidays have a way of bringing out some of the warmest feelings in all of us. It also brings about the conversation of gratitude. Social media and the internet are then flooded with an age old question:

What are you grateful for?

To be honest, sometimes this question is not the easiest to answer. For many of us, tough times hit hard, and through all the pain and troubles we endure, a simple question such as what we are grateful for can feel like the one-million dollar question that you may have to phone a friend for.

The holiday season is one of the most important times of year, as it is when we most think of the things we’re most grateful to have. No matter how big or small, there’s nothing like the spirit of the holiday season that makes people really take the time to be open about what and even who they’re grateful to have in their lives.

Gratitude is something that can start off so small, and become something very significant and special. Lets take a look at a few ways gratitude takes us further than negativity would:

  • Gratitude helps us gain positive perspective: think about if you were more grateful about the things in your life. Wouldn’t it put things in a different perspective for you? A more positive perspective?
  • Gratitude helps you remember the simple things: sometimes, when I’m feeling low, I simply think of being grateful for the breath that I take. Even a simple thought such as that, can make you realize that even the simplest thoughts have a profound impact on the mind.
  • Gratitude makes you smile: take a moment and think of something you’re grateful for. Did it make you smile? Exactly!

So, when you ask yourself, “what are you grateful for?” do not allow it to consume you. It’s not a trick question, and it doesn’t require a long and complex statement. Your answer could be something as simple as ever, and still be the most important answer in the world.

Be sure to show gratitude in everything you do. 🖤