I fought Reality TV and Reality TV Won Week 2 #52Essays2017

I do indulge sparingly in a bit of reality TV, but to feel like you’re making a special appearance in a real life reality tv show? Mind boggling.

Eggshell Gal Friday

I fear I may become a victim to a real life reality show. I have been run over by the inevitable. The “dumbing” down of America has finally been successful. We are officially about to embark in a real life “idiocracy,”with coverage 24/7 for ratings.  Perhaps I am being punished by the universe for making fun of the crazy reality show fans I have judged all these years. Yes, I am a reality show hater. I am guilty of making crude comments about the K sisters and their fake butts and faces and of poking fun from my high nose at the real housewife franchise and all those other shows which ironically are aired by the learning channel. I have judged the IQ of the watchers. (I won’t apologize for offending anyone). It appears they won (the fans did) and not only did they win, they placed their top king…

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