The Trouble With Her

Sad, but sometimes you gotta let go.


Mufasa said that being brave doesn’t mean you go looking for trouble. Not leaving her alone might lead to trouble but it might also lead to reconciliation.

I won’t give up on Katie. I’ve invested a third of my life with her.

My friends tell me my biggest personality flaw is trying to see the good in everyone, that’s why I get treated like crap.

As soon as I’m within 100 meters of her, Katie sends me a text. My heart skips a beat.

The text says: “Please leave. I can feel you nearby.” My heart stops skipping but I continue approaching her house.

We can see each other through the window. She shakes her head sadly. I stand outside her house and wait.

Katie gets out of her house and approaches me. Before I can say anything she says, “There is no room for weakness in my life. You’re…

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