Confessions of a Loc’d Goddess: The Clips that Gave me LIFE!

I am going to shoot myself in the foot because I should have done this 4-6 months ago!

I finally bought some long duck-billed clips for my retwisting my locs now that they are thicker and longer…..

The BEST thing I have used !!!


This seems a little much, I know.  But I have been using smaller clips on my locs, which allows me to only put 2 locs in at a time.  When I retwisted my hair on Monday, I used my new long duck-billed clips.  I was able to put at least 4-5 locs in one clip! Surprisingly, this sped up my retwist time a bit and just felt easier overall!

I know some of you may be wondering “well, why didn’t you buy those when you first started?” My only answer is, impatience.  I wanted to do my first retwist and I didn’t want to wait to find the long clips, so I bought some shorter ones.  They actually served their purpose and they were great; however, now that my locs are getting a little thicker and longer, I want to speed up the time that I take retwisting. I was also tired of using close to 70-something clips! By me using those and just slipping the locs into one clip saves on the amount of clips I use, and the time!

I recommend that if your hair is thick enough and long enough, use duck-billed clips!


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