Living in Unapologetic Intention

Advertisements When was the last time you did something unapologetically for yourself? I’m not talking about doing something for yourself by happenstance, or because it was an occasion; but just on a random Tuesday, you did something simply for yourself because you’re entitled to do just that?  Or maybe, you just wanted to sit aroundContinue reading “Living in Unapologetic Intention”

Self-Care Sunday: Being Selfish

Advertisements Now I know some may not agree, but I feel that sometimes I feel amazing when I can be a little selfish! When is the last time you did something completely selfish? When was the last time you went out shopping with the intention of buying something for you (no matter how smallContinue reading “Self-Care Sunday: Being Selfish”

Self-Care Sunday: NO!

Advertisements How many times do you say no to someone when you don’t want to do something? Are you the person all of your friends and family go to, because of your innate ability to always tell them ‘yes’? We all inherit this nasty habit, don’t we?  We say yes to things we really don’tContinue reading “Self-Care Sunday: NO!”