Toni Morrison- The Source of Self-Regard

Advertisements Memory (the deliberate act of remembering) is a form of willed creation. It is not an effort to find out the way it really was–that is research. The point is to dwell on the way it appeared and why it appeared in that particular way. – Toni Morrison, The Source of Self-Regard

The Awkward Bird

Advertisements Contrary to popular belief, I am an awkward bird.   I’m ashamed to admit that as I approach 30, I feel more and more insecure about myself. I have yet to find a level of feminine comfort and security, and there are days in my life where  I feel completely awkward and misplaced.  IContinue reading “The Awkward Bird”

A Lesson on Lying…

Advertisements As a child, there’s always something that you’re getting in trouble for or known for in your family that will live on in infamy.  My pitfall?  Lying.  My mother would tell you I used to lie relentlessly.  I would lie like it was a language I was fluent in.  She would ask me aContinue reading “A Lesson on Lying…”

Social Media Addicts Anonymous

Advertisements Hello, My name is Whitney and I’m always connected to my social media pages. *insert warm and inviting “Hi Whitney!” from the congregation of fellow addicts* Welcome to the “Social Media Addicts Anonymous” group, where we will discussing this nasty habit that some of us can’t or won’t seem to break, lol. Let’s start with aContinue reading “Social Media Addicts Anonymous”

Finding Our Way Back.

Advertisements I’ve grown to understand that best friends, REAL best friends, are pretty hard to come by.  With that being said, I’m confident that my best friend is possibly the best “best friend” in the world, and I dare anyone to challenge me on it.  Some people say they never thought they would be thisContinue reading “Finding Our Way Back.”