2019 Reflections

When I first thought of this post, I wanted to discuss all the things that I did not accomplish, that I have been kicking myself for so far this month.  Instead of harping on what I did not accomplish, I took the time to remind myself of the things I did accomplish this year.  These thingsContinue reading “2019 Reflections”

‘‘Twas the Night before NaNo….”

What are you preparing? Or, what are you finishing? What will have you gazing at a computer for endless hours in a day? What will have you in the suspect corner of a coffee shop or Barnes&Noble; headphones engaged and fingers on the home row? What goals have you set for yourself? Who’s your motivation?Continue reading “‘‘Twas the Night before NaNo….””

Sneak Peek Alert: Playing with Fire II

Just a little sneak peek at the first two chapters of Playing with Fire II. INTRO Two years later…. So, I’m sure you all have been wondering what has been going on with me. Well, I must say, it’s been rough as hell. I was surprised that after everything that happened, Trey stayed with LiyahContinue reading “Sneak Peek Alert: Playing with Fire II”

Frustrated AF.

FYI: This will be a post full of a full fledged vent. Something I feel we all would like to do, but feel like it’s not allowed when blogging. Well, screw it. We’re going to jump right into it. I feel….lost. 2019 did not go exactly how I planned; scratch that, it did not goContinue reading “Frustrated AF.”

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