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Playing with Fire II


The long anticipated sequel to Playing with Fire is officially here!

I’m so proud of myself for getting this done and being able to bring this to light for you all!

Playing with Fire II is now available to purchase on Amazon! 🔥🖤

I hope you all enjoy!

A Magical Moment.

Today was such a peaceful day.

My television stayed on CNN from the time I woke up this morning and will likely remain on until I lay down for bed.

I watched former President Trump as he took the low road by leaving the White House early, not attending the inauguration and being what one would describe as a “sore loser”.

While I thought that might sour the day, I was uplifted by watching VP Kamala Harris and President Joe Biden and their families arrive at the Capitol. It felt…


Phot cred: Google Images

I think that’s the best way to describe how I feel; refreshed that we now have new and fresh faces in office. I’ve never been one to feel like one person or one President can fix and make this country the absolute best, and I’m not saying that Biden/Harris will make all the right decisions in the next four years. What we do know, is that we could definitely be getting much needed reprieve from what we have been dealing with from the past four years.

Photo cred: Google Images

Today, I am proud to see history be made again. My voice was heard when the first African American President was elected into office. And today, I watched as I saw the first woman, and woman of color be sworn into a position that has never been held by a woman. An overwhelming emotion came over me when I watched that; knowing that such an achievement has come to fruition on this day.

It makes you realize how much greatness is possible now, and just how high you can reach when you set your sights on how you want your life to go.

I cannot wait to see how the next four years will go.

Breathing; For What it’s Worth.

Sometimes, even breathing is hard.

The simple task of taking an inhale can be the toughest thing you think you can do.

The world feels like it’s sitting on our chests these days; nothing may be going right. Everything feels hopeless. Nothing is going right and despite your best efforts to feel good, you just feel completely deflated.

It happens sometimes. You can’t find a way to inhale.

But we all have to breathe. Without breath, we die. And if we don’t live, how can we ever look at ourselves in the mirror and feel like we did anything worthy of the reflection looking back at us?

So we take a moment, and with all the energy we can muster, we inhale; deeply, passionately, intently.

And then….exhale.

We breathe, because we know that no matter how hard it may be; it’ll be so worth it in the end.


Confessions of a Loc’d Goddess: End of an Era!!

Sooooo…. as we like to say, I did a thing. 😁

After 6 years, 9 months and 3 days, I made a very big decision.

On 12/13/2020, I cut my locs off.


Shocking to some, it was a decision I had been contemplating for a long time now; and the year I’ve had prompted a much need change in myself.

I’ve gone through a lot of highs and lows with my locs. For a long time I loved my locs and what they meant to me. They made me feel confident, sexy, all of the above. But somewhere down the line over this past year, I sort of lost the spark that I once had for them. I downgraded somewhere from love, to just “like”. I also started to see more and more people with shorter cuts and styles and began to want to feel something different.

After everything I had gone through this year, I felt the desire to start over. I’ve been through therapy, and in true fashion of redefining myself; what better way than to change up my style by starting with a brand new haircut. You know what they say; “a woman who changes her hair is about to change her life.”

I hope that much for me is true.

So, while my hair journey won’t be related to locs anymore, I still will post about a new hair and beauty journey related to me rocking a brand new short tapered look, and how I’ve had to revert back to my old school natural hair staples…surprisingly, it’s been just like riding a bike so far! Lol.

I hope you all will still stay along for the ride, as I document a new and improved hair journey. I can’t wait to see where we go from here!!

Blogmas 2020: A Very Merry Christmas

Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas, from my family to yours.

I hope you all spent the day safe, healthy and happy. Whether with family and friends, or unfortunately alone; remember that being alive on this very day in the year 2020 is a blessing in itself. Athough you may have not spent the holidays the way you imagined, some are suffering far more than you right now.

Today, I was blessed enough to spend my holiday with some of my family. There were spaces of my heart that were still pretty empty and moments that were still very hard to endure today. But I was able to push through knowing that I could count on the blessing of being alive and healthy.

I hope all of you were able to enjoy your holiday, however it may have come to you.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Christmas PJ photo op! (Hey Santa!)

Blogmas 2020: Why I Love Christmas

Hello Blogmas fans!

Today’s post will talk about the obvious; why Christmas is my favorite holiday!

Out of all the holidays (with the exception of my birthday because I do consider that a holiday), I’ve always loved the spirit of Christmas. After Thanksgiving comes and goes, I go into full Christmas spirit and holiday mode. Christmas has always lifted my spirits no matter what mood I am in and what place I’m in in my life. It’s something about the spirit of giving, happiness and joy that has always managed to bring a little happiness and smiles out of me this time of year.

Christmas also has a spiritual context that I enjoy. Growing up, I learned about the birth of Jesus, and how important that was to the world. I learned the lesson of perseverance, sacrifice, being humble and gracious meant and how all of those things brought forth the birth of Jesus and because of that, each year families come together and celebrate that.

This year has been trying for many reasons. It seems that the more that happens, the harder and harder it is to find the joy of Christmas; no matter how hard you try. This has been a year that most people will never forget, including me, but I’ve been determined in these last few days to try and make this holiday as great as possible.

It has truly not been an easy task, but it is not totally impossible. I’ve been watching my favorite movies, reading my favorite Christmas stories, listening to my favorite songs and continuing to remind myself that my joy for the holiday is bigger than any trials and tests that life has brought me this year.

If Christmas is your favorite holiday as well, try hard to allow that to fuel you through this time. 2020 has been a whirlwind of emotional roller coasters and people have lost so much this year physically, mentally and emotionally. The joys and spirit of the holiday season may be all that some of us have left in order to get through.

And it will all be alright. ❤️

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!

Blogmas 2020: My Santa Letter


When I saw this prompt for Blogmas, I thought “this is kid’s stuff. Why would I write a letter to Santa?”

But then, the more I thought about it, the more I realized it could be kind of fun to write Santa. I haven’t written a letter to “Santa” in quite a while. So, in the spirit of Christmas; why not?

Dear Santa,

Well, you already know that this has been a crazy year for me. I don’t have to really explain to you whether I’ve been naughty or nice. I’m pretty sure you know, Lol. Even if I haven’t been the nicest, I would hope that you would still bring me just a little Christmas cheer this year because it has been pretty tough. This year has not been my favorite, and I really didn’t want to celebrate Christmas. I wanted to sleep the entire holiday away and not care one way or the other whether or not I got any gifts or if I gave anything. But I’m slowly starting to find the joy in each day.

I guess I will say this: Santa, If you can and if you will, bring me peace and happiness this year. I feel like I have lost a big chunk of myself this year. I lost a big part that makes me happy. I lost my reason to smile and I lost a piece of my security and comfort. So, if I could have one thing this year, it would be to become more peaceful and happier with just myself. If you could do that for me, I think I’d be alright.

Playing with Fire II is Coming….

After a very long and tedious journey, I’m finally ready to premier the cover and description for a long awaited project:

Playing with Fire II !!

What to Expect from the Sequel?

2 years later……

It’s been two years now since Chante, Trey and Liyah’s lives changed dramatically. Relationships have shifted, friendships have dissolved, and love has been lost. The “new normal” isn’t what anyone expected it to be. Chante Wright (who now goes by Thomas) has been through the worst loss of her life; and the consequences of her actions have left her back at ground zero, learning to rebuild her life as a single mother and woman.

Trey has found a new love and life with Liyah and their son, Trey Wright Jr., and Liyah makes sure to let Chante know their love has transcended anything that she and Trey ever had.  Chante and Trey have to battle with the civility of co-parenting (Liyah included), all while living in separate parts of the East Coast. While Chante is struggling to  find herself and find love again (and wonder if she’s even worth the chance), Trey is wondering if the grass was greener on the other side.  Once Chante admitted to herself that what once was with Trey will never be; she found a new love who was willing to accept her flaws from the past and love her forever more. 

When true love finds Chante for a second time, Trey realizes that who he really loves may be the woman he has lost forever, and he’s not the only one who has noticed it. Will Chante run back to her first true love, or is her newfound love enough to replace what once was?

Stay tuned …..

Trust me when I say, you’re going to want to be caught up on what’s happened before now; so head over to Amazon to purchase my debut novel piece to the series, Playing with Fire; along with the “equal” version of Playing with Fire, How it Really Went Down, told from the perspective of Chante’s best friend and new arch nemesis, Liyah Johnson..

Get your copies now so you’ll be apart of the #PWF family!!!

Blogmas 2020: Christmas Traditions

Do you have any cool Christmas traditions? If so, what are they?

Have you adapted new ones over the years? Have you inherited ones from your childhood?

Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year. No matter what mood I’m in, there is something about Christmas that can lift my spirits. It’s something about the lights, the friendly spirit everyone has, the music, etc., it all just puts me in the best moods. I remember doing so many things with my mother and sister growing up around Christmas. Now the best feeling in the world is being able to pass down those activities down to my daughter.

I find myself being a bit of a traditionalist around the holiday season. Most of which are ones that I have inherited from my childhood and they are things I will cherish forever in my life. My most favorite thing about adulthood and motherhood is being able to make new traditions with my daughter. Christmas is one of her favorite holidays and we have had fun making some of our own traditions over the years.

A Few Favorite Traditions…

  • Putting up our Christmas decorations/tree on Black Friday: this is a tradition I got from my mother, and have inherited in my own family. Right after Thanksgiving, it has always been a routine tradition to bring out the Christmas tree and decorations and activate “Christmas mode”. Christmas music starts to play and it just gets you right into the spirit immediately! I’ve always agreed that once the house starts to look like Christmas, it makes you feel good all over.
  • Elf on the Shelf: We started doing Elf on the Shelf with my daughter around 3 or 4 years ago. My daughter loves “Nani” and gets very excited when he comes to town because she knows that Christmas is getting close. She also knows that when her elf is in town, she has got to be on her very best behavior!! Nani has been in some of the oddest and most unique situations; however, whenever he comes, it’s always a great time; and it’s kind of a sad time when it’s time for him to leave.
  • Opening one gift on Christmas Eve: This is a recently new tradition; allowing my daughter to be able to open at least 1 gift on Christmas Eve. This is not always an every year thing, but there have been a few years when I have allowed her to open up one special gift (which is typically something that I am anxious for her to see LOL).
  • The Yearly Christmas Ornament: Every year we also get a new ornament to put on our Christmas tree. I let my daughter choose whichever one she wants. I allow it to be whatever she wants (even if it unfortunately does not match the theme or color scheme of my tree). She enjoys this process because it gives her the opportunity to express her individuality and personality each year.

So there you have it; just a few of my all-time favorite Christmas traditions that I do religiously each year.

What about you? What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions? And have you created any new ones this past year?

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