November is the Month for Writers

Every November, I feel a buzzing inside of me that says “this is your month to write your best work”.  Maybe because it is National Novel Writing Month, I always feel the need to stir up the passion of writing in this month and give way to the temptation of late night writing sessions.  I really take the time to focus on new ideas, and sit in front of my laptop for hours until i get all of the words out that I need to.  I take the good and bad that comes with what it means and takes to be considered a writer; it is not for those who think typing words is easy.

Writers are storytellers, they are make-believers, most of all, they are great liars.  Writers have the ability to have the exciting job of telling lies (or sometimes exposing truths).  Believe it or not, it takes a lot to make up a really good story.

Writing is a labor.  It is truly a task and a talent to have.  You first have to have the dedication to put forth the effort to sit in front of your notebook, or your laptop and get the words out.

Next, you have to appreciate to self-criticism.  Anyone can provide feedback, but none is as brutal as a writer critiquing themselves.  But you have to learn to take that criticism, and use it as fuel to do better.  Use that criticism to tell yourself “you know you can write better, so do it.  Write better.”

Writing is also painful.  Sometimes, raw emotions come out of writing.  Sometimes stories get intertwined with fact and fiction, and it causes some of the realest emotions you can ever imagine.  You become one with the story; sometimes you feel like you may actually be living the story.  And sometimes that story causes a lot of pain and anguish.  That’s when you know it’s real.

But, beneath that hard and solid exterior, once you get into the good parts, you will find that writing is a release, a therapeutic getaway, or even an oasis right at your fingertips.

Happy November, and happy writing to all my writers out there. 🖤