Have You Done an Audit on Your Life Yet?

Have you ever been at your job and the dreaded thought of an audit came across your mind?  Imagine the hustle and bustle in an office, trying to organize files and get everything in tip top shape, just so someone can come in and ensure that everything is in tip top shape around your workplace; or make sure the things that shouldn’t be there or should have never been there, are no longer there.

I thought about how this can translate into your personal life.  How often do you complete a “life audit” and determine what needs to go and what needs to stay in order to make yourself the best “you” that you can be?  Or how many times do we come across situaitons in our lives where we determine that someone or something should have never been involved in our lives in the first place, but stayed around far too long?  That include getting rid of some toxic relationships or connections,  getting rid of some of your personal possessions that hold negative energy or negative memories and even maybe letting go of that career you said you should have left a long time ago that you just can’t say no to for some reason.

All of these things and so many others can be parts of you doing your own audit on your life.  Doing a clean sweep of all the things that need to go is a good way to do a hard reset on life when things seem to not be going your way.  Just like creating space, doing an audit is similar to that same concept!  Any time I know I have been holding on to someone or something for too long, I sit down and take a good hard look at myself and ask myself if it’s really worth me going through whatever turmoill it’s causing.  If it’s not worth the trouble, then it’s time to get rid of it.  Trust me when I tell you, if you do a life audit, you may be a better person for it!

It’s also good on a personal level to check-in and make sure everything is ok with yourself and make sure you are also being the best person you can be for yourself and also for others, while you are removing the things out of your life that do not belong.  The benefit to removing things that do not belong, is that it makes room for more time to spend on the things and people that matter the most, and if something is lacking in a particular area that you would like to improve, you will have the opportunity to fix those things as well.  So essentially, a life audit will improve all aspects of your life!

For me, a “life audit” may look anything like a massive cleansing of my house, wiping out all the clothes in my closet that I’ve had for 2+ years, doing a social media cleanse where I delete people I either don’t know, people I do not talk to, or people who do not bring any substantial value to my social media pages; and also deleting contacts out of my phoen that I have not talked to in over a year or more that aren’t familly or close friends.

In addition to these things, it also means asking mysellf those hard questions to make sure I am being the best version of myself, and being the best friend, loved one and family member for those that love me as well.  It is very easy to get caught up in your personal life, work, personal relationships, etc.  and oftentimes you tend to lack in areas that are important.  Auditing yourself helps you maintain consistency and accountability about just simply being an awesome person! 🙂

I urge you to ask yourself, if you did an audit of your life right now, what would you penalize yourself for keeping around that you should have gotten rid of a long time ago?