Never Hit the Delete Button

Whitney N. Cason

We’ve all been in this place. You sit down in preparation and with full intention to smash the writing goal for the day. You have the necessary amounts of caffeine, snacks, pens, paper, your favorite book(s) for reading and research; I mean, you’re golden.

You get to the laptop, fire up those headphones, and about an hour later, you’ve got maybe ten words on the page..

My sentiments exactly. Like I said, we’ve all been in this place before; ready and willing to write, yet someone drank up all the creative juices and you only got the last little swig out of the bottle. You want to be mad, throw a fit, fight the air; and you’re about to hit the delete button and just call it quits for the day, because those ten words are nothing more than pure frustration and a slap in the face of your creativity….

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