They Were for the People

It’s been six days since the inauguration, and the ultimate farewell to what I would say was the best First Family to hold position in the White House.  I never thought I’d care so much that a particular president was leaving office, because I was never ALL THAT political.  I will be the first to tell you that I don’t profess to be the most knowledgeable or forthcoming of conversations in the political realm; my opinion is that it is just sticky territory for me.  I knew of the major things happening in the world that would effect me and my life, but never took the time out to really analyze politics.

The day the inauguration took place, I did not choose to watch television.  I stayed away from live feeds, twitter threads, IG pictures and all, because I do not support what went down in America that day.  That day, while a man who I feel is the most unqualified and inconsiderate person to hold this title, I was filled with solemn emotion at the fact that a family that I held to the highest regard was leaving the White House.  A family I grew to love for more than what they did for people; I loved them because they were human beings, and carried themselves as such.  You actually saw them do things that everyday people were doing.  They were the People’s family, and even on your worst day, you couldn’t help but love them.  Barack and Michelle are hands down the most adorable couple in this world.  They were the nicest and kindest family you could ever see on television or in the media, and had no scandal or slanderous activity during their journey.

Many people believe that most of the African American population voted for Barack Obama because he was Black; and while that may have been a reason for some, I believe it wasn’t the main reason for all.  I believe that Barack set out to be a man of the people and he truly was. He was able to touch lives and hearts of many people in this world; and able to identify with some of the things that he wanted to make happen for America.

Many people have different things to say about this particular First Family.  I’m sure some wanted there to be some type of drama, some unspoken issues in Barack and Michelle’s relationship, some juvenile acts happening with Sasha and Malia; pretty much anything that would taint the image of their family.  People tried hard, and searched high and low for something that would make this family seem far from perfection.  What I found through he 8 years that this family occupied the White House, is that there was barely a bad word that could be spoken about them, and more people loved them than hated them.

I hate to say good-bye, but the world knows that their time has come to pass the torch.  To be a witness to history, and see the first African-American family in the White House brought me an unspeakable amount of joy.  Not many can say that they were ever able to see this coming, and although it is an end to an era, it was one of the greatest era’s I have been able to witness with my own two eyes.

I know we will see the Obama family around, but I still miss them being our First Family. 🙂

-Whit C.