But I’m (un)comfortable

You Forgot Your Common Sense

ah comfort! That thing that puts us at ease, that thing we are used to, that makes us feel good. I was recently asked, “Do you think fear stops you sometimes from moving forward?” my answer was simple “of course!”. Fear is just the presence of the unknown. You have no idea if what’s ahead will cause pain, threaten you or your life(style) in any way, or be dangerous.  Moving forward creates an expectation, results, the higher up you climb the more the reality sets in you could fall. Moving forward means change, uncomfortable change since you don’t really have an idea what’s ahead or how to prepare for it. If you knew what was ahead would you have the same fear to move towards it?

My conversation was followed up by “why don’t we ever think of standing still as scary”. My answer was simple again, “comfort”. Standing still…

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