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To enhance productivity…

shutterstock_87396893From the moment the sun drifts away into its secret chamber, until the moment it rises again, fresh from having used the night to rejuvenate the energy it now pours into our window sills, every day is new. And with newness comes an opportunity to start fresh. Opportunities to revise, reflect, and enhance. Opportunities to grow. What great possibilities await us for tomorrow? What possibilities are there today? Every day ain’t beautiful, but everyday can be productive. What I’ve come to learn is to take advantage of what I understand and use that toward improving on my day, my business, or even my personal endeavors. We spend so much time looking out, that we forget to look in. Often, when you hide something in plain sight, it becomes amazingly difficult to find, and I suppose the same is true for our individual lives. Many of you possess…

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