Thirst traps- explained for men

If you ever need an explanation on a thirst trap. Be careful men, they are out there in full force!

You Forgot Your Common Sense

Thirst traps are fast ways women seduce/get attention from men. “Thirst” is defined by Urban Dictionary as “desire, greed, obsession,or lust for an object or person characterized by over eagerness or obsessiveness that is obvious to everyone around you.” Silent cries for attention.

Anything that makes you frustrated enough:


What are some of these ‘traps’:

Provocative/Suggestive Screen names:  suckmycockiness,nymphonicki throatzilla, orallygiftedtonyatootight, y’all get the idea.  These birds clearly tell you what game their up to.

Trap post/status: this is bait, and you fools always bite this one. If you say anything about wanting a cuddle buddy, being lonely, hating men, wanting a real man or talking about your appearance regardless of what side or the scale its on  that is a thirst trap. To the naked eye it looks like you’re exercising your right to express emotion, to the trained eye it looks like…

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