The Cross Between Needing Clothes and Losing Weight

Slowly (very slowly), but surely, the weight is coming off. Soon I’ll be under ……a certain number (don’t want to say) and I’m feeling pretty good about it. I wouldn’t say the weight is falling off in big chunks, but I can feel and see small differences.

My current dilemma is clothes. Summer time has approached, and one thing I am completely lacking in is cute clothes for the summer. I did a personal inventory on my closet, and let’s just say it’s real grim looking. I need a little bit of everything! I kept somethings because I can’t walk around naked lol, but I plan on completely overhauling my closet and starting with new clothes. A lot of my clothes I have had for a long time, and it’s just time for a change. I really feel like I need to promote my wardrobe!

Today, I went out to some stores and I got pretty lucky with some things! Here’s a picture of the items I bought (it’s not the best picture so, don’t jump on me lol)


I got a total of 7 dresses, 5 shirts and a pair of pants! The purple maxi and the beige and navy blue are the longer dresses, the rest come to about knee length. I’m pretty excited because alot of the dresses can cross over into my work wardrobe (I can get away with wearing at least 3 to work) and I have several skirts in my closet, but had no tops to wear with them, so now I have at least 5 tops to work with for now! Next will be getting at least a 1 or 2 pair of shoes (pumps specifically) that I can wear to work and during off time. I’m pretty excited about my outfits and I hope that with each paycheck I can get at least 1 outfit!

This is not all I will be buying, so I will try to do another post when I add another haul to the closet!  It’s a new year for me, so out with the old and in with the new!