On Interior Spaces: A Place To Write

When I finally get the space, I’m going to create what I call my “writer’ oasis” lol

Properly Improper


Remember when I said I work more productively when I plan, well I also work better when I have a quiet, clean, efficient space to create, pay bills, or think.

I am re-designing my home and one of the rooms that need an update is my office space. Although, I daydream of a whole room as my office, honestly I write just as well at  the dining room table than my desk, but I still salivate over cool, eclectic, and pretty creative spaces like these:


home-office-blue-eclectic-home-office-wall-and-pink-wood-table-feat-twin-white-cabinet-feat-lamp-ingenious-home-office-in-eclectic-blue-home-office-desk-accessories-home-box-office-logo-home-office-744x1024This blue and pink is gorgeous

Lively-Eclectic-Home-Office-with-brick-wallsThese chairs are theee businessssss!


white-console-desk  simple just hits the spot


Not many distractions here and a poster of the world is ALWAYS a great idea for us daydreamers!

Writing is what is important. Doesn’t matter where you write or how pretty your space is just write.

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