Things I Now Have Come to Learn about Life

Advertisements There’s no age requirement on having purpose in life. Some people go their whole lives and not know their purpose. But find one, and hold on to it, no matter when you do. You’re not always going to like the hand your dealt, the goal is to play that hand to the best ofContinue reading “Things I Now Have Come to Learn about Life”


Advertisements Welcome. May you bring lots of positivity and light throughout the entire month. Here’s to a successful month. Let’s be great.

A Motivational Moment

Advertisements This was recently shown to me during a meeting this week at work, and it resonated with me that I had to share it. I’m sure a lot of people may have already seen this, but in case you need some motivation in life, here it is

Took a Small Break, but I’ll be Back Soon

Advertisements So, if anyone has been paying attention, the blog has definitely been a little DRY lately :(.  I sort of hit a rut and a rough patch for the last couple of weeks in regards to blogging.  Between work, editing my next book, working on some poetry and life; unfortunately, my blog took aContinue reading “Took a Small Break, but I’ll be Back Soon”

4 Ways to Protect your Positive Energy

Advertisements We are living in hectic times in 2018. There has been so many problems and controversies brought up recently that it’s easy to find yourself in a very low and negative space. Even in your personal life, all of our experiences create an emotional reaction in our bodies. We’re either on the positive endContinue reading “4 Ways to Protect your Positive Energy”

Dear Love,

Advertisements This is your month to shine. You deserve to be present in all things you do this month. You deserve to feel good and be admired this month. Everyone equates this month with love and happiness, so soak that in; embrace it. Put yourself first, then spread how you feel to others. Throw yourselfContinue reading “Dear Love,”

So, I’m 30; Now What??

Advertisements Now that I’m officially “in my 30’s” I have felt a very blatant and noticeable shift in my perspective and energy. I feel the strong desire to make some hard decisions about my life and where it’s going. I’m not sure if it’s just the aura of the new age; however, I am feelingContinue reading “So, I’m 30; Now What??”

My October Affirmation List

Advertisements For the month of October, roughly one month before my birthday, I took on a task of creating affirmations everyday that I use to motivate and keep myself positive. So far, I’ve made 24 affirmations (2 per morning) and it feels really good. I have an app that I use to take words from,Continue reading “My October Affirmation List”

Self-Care Sunday: Making Lemonade

Advertisements This may sound kind of crazy, but I want to touch on how making life’s lemons into lemonade can be a form of self-care; or at least how we need to start living life with this mentality. How many of us stress about how life isn’t perfect? *raises hand in shame* exactly, me too!Continue reading “Self-Care Sunday: Making Lemonade”