2019 Reflections

Advertisements When I first thought of this post, I wanted to discuss all the things that I did not accomplish, that I have been kicking myself for so far this month.  Instead of harping on what I did not accomplish, I took the time to remind myself of the things I did accomplish this year.  TheseContinue reading “2019 Reflections”

Been a While.

Advertisements So, a lot has happened since my last post. Good things, but things nonetheless. So, I moved. I fled the nest that I’ve known for 27 years of my life. It was very scary at first, and I don’t really think my body and mind have settled into the anxiety, but I did itContinue reading “Been a While.”

A Little Encouragement

Advertisements Reflect on the past month. Think about the things that went well. Think about the things that didn’t go so well. Try to find ways to turn those “not so well” things, into “well” things . Hope everyone has a great and positive month!!!