Social Media Addicts Anonymous

Advertisements Hello, My name is Whitney and I’m always connected to my social media pages. *insert warm and inviting “Hi Whitney!” from the congregation of fellow addicts* Welcome to the “Social Media Addicts Anonymous” group, where we will discussing this nasty habit that some of us can’t or won’t seem to break, lol. Let’s start with aContinue reading “Social Media Addicts Anonymous”

Michael B. Jordan and Ryan Coogler…What is the Problem??

Advertisements Ok, Ok, OK! I have to say something about this.  Recently, the world went ablaze in controversy over a photo that Michael B. Jordan posted with his friend Ryan Coogler.  Here is the picture in question, with the caption attached to it on his Instagram page:

Confessions of a Loc’d Goddess: Hair Envy and IG Pages to Follow!

Advertisements I follow quite a few loc pages on IG, and one thing I gain from it: Hair envy! Just seeing all the long flowing crowns, hearing the positives of people’s journey’s puts me in a better place, especially when I’m having a day when my hair is getting on my nerves (or I’m justContinue reading “Confessions of a Loc’d Goddess: Hair Envy and IG Pages to Follow!”